Beat Emotional Eating By Expanding Your
(dis)Comfort Zone
And Stop Giving Up On Self-Care

If you take just a few minutes to read this page, I will show you how you can conquer emotional eating by making discomfort your ally instead of your enemy, and use the same new skills to achieve ALL of your other self-care goals, as well.


I know it sounds crazy, but that's exactly what we are all capable of with the proper change of mindset.  

Do the right work in the right way and you will change your relationship with discomfort forever, thereby changing your relationship with yourself and your body forever.

But first, is this right for you?

The answer is "yes" if...

You intuitively know that big changes are never easy, and you know you aren't happy where you are, but you keep returning to your comfort zone when the going gets tough.

  • When cravings hit, you typically give in to junk food to feel better.  But you CAN learn how to see cravings as a challenge, rather than an obstacle, and take them on with a smile on your face.
  • When you've had a hard day, you typically give in to junk food (or alcohol) to feel better. But you CAN learn to address those uncomfortable thoughts so you can improve your mood without medicating it and regretting it later.
  • When you've been saying a lot of mean things to yourself, you typically distract yourself with whatever you can find to feel better.  But you CAN learn to face those uncomfortable thoughts head-on so you can set them aside forever rather than burying them with things that feel good for a moment and then feel bad long-term.  Doing this work, instead of running from it, means not feeling this way again tomorrow.
  • When life gets stressful, you typically give up on your self-care efforts because letting yourself off the hook temporarily makes you feel better.  But you CAN learn to see self-care in a new light, making it thrilling and fun until it's easy.
  • When times are tough, you typically throw the baby out with the bath water and say, "I'll start again when life returns to normal."  But you CAN learn to hunker down with self-care when you need it most and never again be tempted to quit.

When we're done, you'll have learned:

  • How we all suffer from comfort addiction and how it keeps us from consistent self-care.
  • How so many people engage in self-abuse and try to call it self-care, and how you can make absolutely sure that you are never in that group again.
  • How discomfort can be used as the "Herald of Opportunity" for self-improvement, signaling you when you have a chance to learn and grow. 
  • How a better relationship with discomfort will facilitate a Growth Mindset, allowing you to get out of your own way and improve yourself whenever it makes sense to you.
  • How to set aside your own opinions and complaints so you can get to work and stay working on your self-care without all the useless distractions from your inner voice.
  • How to use my tried and true protocol to become less fragile through deliberate and diligent practice specifically designed to strengthen your "discomfort muscle."
  • How to redefine "winning at life" and use your newfound skills to create a self-care practice that permeates every area of your life for more happiness, health, and vitality.

And just who will be teaching you all this awesomeness?

Me! I'm Jason Seib

Self-Care and mindfulness coach, author, speaker, podcaster, husband to an amazing wife, and father to 3 wonderful girls.

I have spent many years working with thousands of people, mostly women over 40, to help them achieve better self-care. 

I didn't understand discomfort and it's effects on self-care quickly.  For a good chunk of my career, I watched people struggle without understanding that the avoidance of discomfort was the true cause of their inconsistencies.  
But after a couple of decades of working in the trenches with so many people, I have truly become an expert on what makes someone succeed and what makes her perpetually stumble.
You can grind it out on your own, of course, but I invite you to stand on my shoulders and benefit from my experience.
"Two weeks ago, I wouldn't have believed what I'm doing now.  I'm actually accomplishing things that I believed to be hard instead of just ruminating about them." - Elizabeth
"This is my ticket to super powers." - Kristina
"I will carry these tools with me forever.  I have had so much success with embracing being comfortable with being uncomfortable.  All thanks to your tough love, no excuses approach." - Melissa
"This was the key to unlocking all the 'I can'ts' in my life.  Best life-enhancing decision I ever made.  Thank you, Jason!" - Wendy

Here's the deal with self-care and discomfort...

  • Discomfort WILL be present when you're making big changes.
  • Your ability to be uncomfortable WILL determine your ability to "do the work" on your body and your mind.
  • Long-term self-improvement WILL NOT be possible for those who are fragile.

But here's the magic - All of this is totally within your control.



If you agree with what you've heard so far...

And if you're ready to look discomfort in the eye and laugh as you do those hard things that produce such amazing rewards...



(Everything below is included in the workshop.  The modules are all presented as videos.)

Module 1 - How Comfort Addiction Hinders Self-Care

You will walk away from this module with a thorough understanding of what discomfort avoidance has cost you so you can immediately be on the lookout for it in your day to day life.

Module 2 - An Important Truth

This is where I will help you understand the true range of discomfort types that you will face so you aren't only focused on the obvious, in-your-face kind of physical discomfort.  We have to get our minds right, too!

Module 3 - Defining Self-Care

Most people are trying to change themselves into something that they won't insult in the mirror anymore.  That's not self-care!  We can do much better for ourselves and I'll show you what I mean in this module.

Module 4 - The Herald Of Opportunity

In this module, we will dive into one of the biggest benefits of looking for discomfort in our lives and learn how it shows us the path forward. 

Module 5 - Fixed vs Growth Mindset

Discomfort is experienced very differently by people with a growth mindset, and I will show you how you can adopt their beliefs and instantly change your perspective on hard tasks. 

Module 6 - Why all the opinions??

Learn how to kick your inner voice out of your self-care decisions and make it keep its opinions and complaints to itself.

Module 7 - The Value Of The Hard Path

When we understand what our pursuit of comfort has taken from us, we can change our perspective on discomfort in ways that allow us to welcome it.  I know, I know, it's sounds crazy, but it's all true.  Discomfort will be your ally, not your enemy.

Module 8 - Becoming Weakless

This is the magic!  Here is where we learn exactly how to train our discomfort muscle.  This module will tell you specifically what to do and when to do it on your journey to a new, more powerful version of yourself.

Module 9 - Doing The Work For Better Self-Care

It's not enough to simply learn how to make peace with discomfort.  We also have to know how to use this skill in the trenches when we need it most.

Module 10 - The Weakless Work Questions

This module contains specific instruction on EXACTLY how to navigate temptations to be weak and give in to discomfort.  These 4 questions will keep you on track every time.

Module 11 - A New Definition Of Winning At Life

The application of the skills we learned in this workshop will mean taking back our moments from the nonsense and suffering that we manufacture in our heads every day.  This module gives us a framework to use as we learn and grow.

How about some bonuses?


Bonus 1 - The Weakless Challenge
($99 value)

My 4-week protocol (presented in a 23 page eBook) for widening your comfort zone, doing more hard things, and developing more self-discipline so you can take better care of yourself and generally live a more awesome life.

  • 4 weeks of step-by-step guidance for improving your relationship with discomfort forever.
  • Detailed instructions for every assignment for the entire plan.
  • A designated tracking system with printable pages so you never forget an assignment.

Bonus 2 - Body Beliefs
($14.99 value)

My book, Body Beliefs - Women, Weight Loss, and Happiness, is available on Amazon (where it has a ton of amazing reviews!), but you get a PDF copy for free with the (dis)Comfort Zone Workshop.  You'll learn:

  • Why you can't fix a body you hate.
  • How extrinsic motivations have kept you from success.
  • How to understand self-sabotage.
  • How to stop stopping.
  • And 41 more chapters of awesomeness!

Bonus 3 - The Hard Line That MUST Be Crossed
($37 value)

YOU WILL EITHER LEARN THIS LESSON OR YOU WILL CONTINUE TO STRUGGLE WITH YOUR SELF-CARE.  In my membership program, we record a private podcast each week.  This bonus is a 54 min excerpt from our 160th episode, which is undoubtably the most important episode we have recorded to date.  You'll learn: 

  • The mindset shift that will finally switch you from self-abuse to self-care.
  • The one thing that makes self-care easy and sustainable.
  • How to stop surviving the parts of self-care and start conquering them. 

To sum all of that up, you get:

  • The (dis)Comfort Zone Workshop ($37)
  • The Weakless Challenge ($99)
  • Body Beliefs eBook ($14.99)
  • The hard line that MUST be crossed ($37)

Total package value - $187.99
for just $37

"I'm in!! Let's do this!"


I can show you exactly what comfort addiction has cost you.  Then, I can show you what your relationship with discomfort could be, allowing you to operate at the edge of your comfort zone for maximum growth.

And most importantly, I can show you how to put an end to all the starting and stopping that keep you from the health, vitality, and happiness that you deserve.

Until this workshop, I always wanted to feel good, and when I didn't feel good, I tried to destroy my feelings with food.
- Gabi

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Self-care is REALLY hard when you run from discomfort.  If you're like most people, you can personally attest to that.  It's not fun to go in circles over and over again, constantly finding yourself back at the starting line.


It's time to win!!

If you're starting to lose hope, I implore you to try a whole new angle and get to work on a mindset that can set you free.




I loved the discomfort workshop! Working on discomfort is something I have often avoided in the past, to the detriment of my self care. Jason simply laid out the case for embracing discomfort and why we would do such a thing. I’ve put some of the tips into practice, and it’s been cool to see myself do things I didn’t think I could do. 


I found the discomfort workshop to be very helpful. I found the series of videos to be well organized and walked me through discomfort and self care in a logical way. I finally realized the importance of embracing discomfort on a daily basis. I left the workshop with plans for incorporating discomfort practice into my routine.


I have listened to the discomfort workshop twice now, and I wanted to tell you that I thought it was great. Discomfort is one of my biggest areas where I need work. 
I actually didn't realize just how prevalent it was. I know that I have a hard time dealing with discomfort and I do like to be comfortable, but I didn't really see how it had infiltrated a lot more areas of my life than I thought. 


I watched the workshop as somebody who has tried to avoid discomfort most of my life, mostly by stuffing feelings with food. I have just kind of kept myself in more discomfort, and I'm so ready to not be there anymore.  So, yeah, this was just a great workshop and I thank you. I know this is stuff that I will keep with me ongoing.


The discomfort workshop really helped me quite a bit. The difference that facing my discomfort makes... why did I ever waste all this time, and make it worse, and drown in it. The hardest things in life are the best things and I believe that that's why it's important to face up to your discomfort, get out of your comfort zone, and get out of your own way. It made a big difference for me. Thank you.


Thank you for your wisdom. I now have hope that I can get on the right path to reach my goals. You gave me the power to stay on track.


I'm ready to jump in for just $37

Let's do this!

Still Got Questions?

The most important thing that I've learned from the discomfort workshop is that the reason why I didn't achieve certain things in my life was not because I couldn't, but because I didn't want to.  That discomfort, or rather comfort addiction, has anything to do with this was a real eye-opener. So, since I've been able to widen my comfort zone, I have gained so much freedom and life just rocks.


The (dis)Comfort Zone Workshop has really pushed the edge of my journey. It pushed me way farther down the road than I was.  I realized that I had kind of built my own comfort house.  A place where I was safe, where the walls were built of my identity, self-deprecation, and perfectionism.  And it was just kind of closing in on me.  The workshop has allowed me to expand out again. 


The discomfort workshop is incredible. For so much of my life, I have lived in a comfort zone and surrounded myself with safety nets, and not faced up to fear. I'm learning to challenge myself not only in my actions, but in my thoughts and it really has helped me to take better care of myself. 


I'm becoming a better version of myself, and it's all because I'm not afraid to be uncomfortable anymore!



If you don't love The (dis)Comfort Zone Workshop, just email us within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund you in full.  We don't want your money if you're not happy!
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